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Fu Zhuan / Fu Brick Tea

Fu Zhuan (Brick) Tea

FuZhuan Tea is a type of fermented dark tea (hei cha) that is pressed into brick shapes of various sizes and undergoes a unique processing that promotes the development of a beneficial bacterium known as "jin hua" or golden flowers.  Golden flowers are the golden globular eurotium cristata that are produced within the layers of the pressed Fu Tea and lend to its unique taste.

Introduction to Mojun Fu Tea

Xixianxinqu Jinye Fu Cha LLC is a modern enterprise engaged in the cultural display, experience, and production of Fu Tea.  It is headquartered in Fu Tea Town in Xixian New Area, covering an area of 323 acres.  Its products have the registered trademark "Mojun Fu Tea."

The company currently boasts an automatic production line for Fu Brick Tea, which, supplemented by manual labor, can produce two tons of tea per day.  There is a sterile hand-made experience museum in Fu Tea Town, and the "Mojun Fu Tea" Exhibition and Sales Center at the southern door of Xi'an Qujiang Cultural Creativity Building.

The company has a modern standard testing R&D center with advanced detection and R&D equipment, and established cooperative relationships with a number of research institutions.

The company by dint of the advantageous platform unique to Fu Tea Town, has promoted the traditional processing technology for Jingyang Fu Brick Tea.  Relying on the advanced modern tea technology, the company has achieved modernization, standardization and normalization, and contributed efforts to create the "Mojun Fu Tea" series of products.

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