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Lao Cong You Hua Xiang Dancong Oolong, 50g

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Lao Cong You Hua Xiang Dancong Oolong, 50g

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Region: Wudong Village, Chaozhou, Guangdong Province

Picking standard :Two or three half-matured tea leaves

Oxidation percentage :50% oxidation

Tea master: Song Lin

Harvest date :spring 2021

Garden elevation :800 meters

Varietal / cultivar: shui xian

Age of tree: 90 years  / Old Bush               

This is an absolutely beautiful tea that can yield many steepings! 

Dry appearance: Tightly rolled dark slender strips

Soup appearance: clear, bright and brassy

Aroma: citrus and floral

Taste & Mouthfeel: thick soup with obvious mountain rhyme.  Strong and lasting with sweet aftertaste. 

packaging: 50g tin* (pictured)

*Due to shipping challenges, please note, some tins have dents. Please do not buy if you are expecting a perfect tin. However, once opened, dents can typically be pushed out.