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QinZhou Nixing Pottery

Qinzhou Nixing Pottery is produced in Qinzhou city located in the south of Guangxi Province and has a history of some 1300 years.  The pottery is made from two types of toxin-free mineral-rich clay harvested at the river banks (QinJiang River) and mixed to a desired ratio, ensuring a hard, dense and smooth texture.  The clay is also porous, allowing teapots to breath while retaining water and absorbing tea oils over time.  When firing the clay, it is quite peculiar as it offers variations in color transitioning from black-green to red-brown to purple – this is what makes Nixing teapots so uniquely attractive.  Finished pots can be carved and polished to further accentuate their beauty. To exemplify the compositional integrity of Nixing pottery, Li Renping, a famous Nixing artist, says, "you could use it as a flowerpot and it wouldn't smell for years."


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