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2000 (1998) Aged Ye Sheng Farmer’s Liu Bao Tea

2000 (1998) Aged Ye Sheng Farmer’s Liu Bao Tea

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Category: Hei Cha (Black Tea)

Type: Liu Bao Cha (Six Forts Tea)

Production Date: 1998

Release Date: 2000

Material: Wild (Ye Sheng) 100+ Year old trees

Region: Liubao Town, Cangwu County, Guangxi Prov. 

Storage: 20+ years Guangxi

Profile: Deep red liquor, thick mouthfeel with aged taste and betel nut aroma. 

This tea is quite similar in grade and taste as our very popular 2002 Ye Sheng '803' basket - however, this has 4 more years of aging!  Excellent natural aged taste having undergone light fermentation and developing classic traditional liu bao characteristics with betel nut aroma.