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Wood-fired Calligraphy Gaiwan by Dapeng

Wood-fired Calligraphy Gaiwan by Dapeng

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Region: Jingdezhen 

Process: Woodfired

Designer: Dapeng

Capacity: 170ml (to where lid sits)

About this piece:

This piece belongs to Dapeng’s retro design collection, 朴拙风。 1. Gaiwan shape was inspired from bamboo joint, which makes the whole design more natural; 2. the ice broken on the surface you will find some very tiny broken ice seams on the surface, which is called yáobiàn 窑变 or flambé,the glaze will change under high temperature, ice cracks for each cup is different and unique. so the one on your hand is unique; 3. rich colors on the surface, there are many burn marks on the surface, the colors like orange skin, the result of the wood-firing.

About Dapeng:

Dapeng, was born in 1977 and has had a passion for calligraphy since his childhood. He is skilled at creating clay teapots, Gaiwan, Gongdaocup as well as porcelain wall painting art.

Dapengs associations and achievements:

  • Chinese national first-class technician
  • Member of Intangible Culture Heritage Calligraphers Association
  • Intangible Culture Heritage Craftsman of Imperial Porcelain
  • Member of Calligrapher Association
  • Member of Chinese and Foreign Ceramic Artists Association


  • - Zhuangzi Three Fishes was exhibited in the Third National Ceramic Calligraphy Exhibition;
  • - Dragon and Snake in the Pen won the gold medal of the third Royal Kiln Cup Competition for original innovations;
  • Heart Sutra Cup won the Excellent Works Award on the 2019 Chinese International Tea
    Ware Industry Conference;
  • Imitation of Song Official Kiln Calligraphy and Painting Series won the title of Royal Porcela
  • in Craftsman in the National Intangible Culture Heritage Arts and Crafts Exhibition to celeb
  • rate the 70th anniverasy of the founding of the People's Republic of China;