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Qi Dan 奇丹 Wu Yi Rock Tea / Yancha, 100g

Qi Dan 奇丹 Wu Yi Rock Tea / Yancha, 100g

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Category: Oolong

Style: WuYi YanCha (Rock Tea)

Culitvar: Qi Dan

Region: Wuyishan, Fujian Province

Location: Qing Shi Yan  青狮岩

Roast: 4 times in 2018

Wonderfully fragrent rock tea with floral (osmanthus) and fruit (peach) notes that hold longevity throughout the drinking session.    

Fun fact: QinDan and BeiDou are considered 2nd generation of the original Da Hong Pao mother tree.  In 2012, Qidan was identified as being pure red robe through the certification of tea varieties in Fujian Province and is referred to as chun zhong dahongpao 纯种大红袍 or purebred species dahongpao, among locals in Wuyishan.