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Nixing Shuiping, 235mL

Nixing Shuiping, 235mL

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Category: Nixing Teapot

Region: Qinzhou

Craftsman: Deng Xue Qin

Shape: Shuiping

Capacity: 235mL


About the craftsman:

Deng Xue Qin was Born in 1984 in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, she began to engage in craft production work in 2004.
She began to make Nixing pottery in 2012.  At the same time, she and her husband Luo Zhisheng (from Qinzhou ) got the guidance of Li Rencuin, Shuai Ligong, Liu Mingzhou and other famous masters, and got the enrichment in all aspects. Together with her husband Luo Zhisheng, she founded her own Nixing pottery studio, and continued to study the craft and work in pottery production for many years, which has been unanimously recognized and highly praised by peers and collectors. Her works have won a number of national and provincial awards with excellent results.