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Handcrafted Tea Knife by Kae Hyeok Tan

Handcrafted Tea Knife by Kae Hyeok Tan

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Beautifully handcrafted tea knife by Kae Hyeok Tan of Penang, Malaysia.

Kae Hyeok Tan resides in Gaoyuan, a small township in the southernmost part of Penang, Malaysia.  Tan is an artisan of traditional seal carving and seal carving tools.  He combined his skill of tool making with his love for making tea, and the result was a functional piece of art that can last many life times.  

The hammered flat shank gives a very nice and secure feel in the hand, and with the added support of the wrapping positioned near the end-point, it makes prying apart compressed tea relatively easier and safer than many tea knifes and picks in the market.   

Each knife comes in its own sheath.  

Read an inspiring story about Kae Hyeok Tan here:

篆刻 印章 惜惜相印 传承千年光华日报 | 1910年创刊 创新每一天生活 (

Material: 304 Stainless Steal