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Chen Xiang Wan Yan Fu Cha, 400g

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400g Brick

Bonus Gift: Lotus pattern celadon glaze cup made by Yao Zhou Yao 耀州窑

Grown In: Yuan Ling county, Hunan,China.

  • Annual average temperature is 16.7℃
  • Total Annual rainfall of 1700mm
  • Abundant sunshine

These conditions offer a pleasant environment for high quality of tea.

Manufacturing Date: 08.02.2018

Produced In: Jingyang County, Shaanxi

Variety: Small Leaf

Leaf Grade: Hei Mao Mha and aged for 1 year

Description: The brick is even and dark brown. The Golden Flower are abundant. The aroma is pure, sweet, and it tastes like sticky rice and Chinese dates. Very mellow and smooth with a long lasting after-taste.

Category: Heicha

Type: Fu Cha / Fu Tea / Fu Brick

Factory: MoJun