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Chaozhou Red Clay Feng Lu 风炉仔 w/ Electric conversion

Chaozhou Red Clay Feng Lu 风炉仔 w/ Electric conversion

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Charcoal / Electric conversion 

Material: Chaozhou Red Clay

Poem carving:

Du Lei “Cold Night Guest” Southern Song Dynasty

Full Poem:



The first two lines of the poem describe the guests visiting on a cold night, and the host lights up tea and entertains the guests; the second two lines describe the plum blossoms just blooming outside the window, which makes the moon in front of the window have a special charm tonight, and it looks different from usual.


Take note:

To use the electrical option, and you live in the US or regions that use 110v you will need an converter/adapter.  The component is 220V, 500W

We recommend this converter:


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