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115mL Chaozhou Zhuni Shuiping Teapot

115mL Chaozhou Zhuni Shuiping Teapot

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Shape: Shuiping

Capacity: 115mL (+/- 5mL)

Clay: Chaozhou Zhuni

Artist(s):  LinHao Zhang 章林浩 and his wife 谢娟Juan Xie

LinHao Zhang was born in Fengxi,
the porcelain capital of Chaozhou ,he start to learn pottery pot technology from His grandpa when He was 8 years old,
he was the third generation of their studio (GuYunYaTaoYi 古韵雅陶艺)

With over 20years experience and his personal creative unique style making pot ,they have very good reputation on making pots,receive many goods feedback from clients from domestic and overseas