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1980s Bin Zhi Ru Gui (槟至如归) Liu Bao Tea

1980s Bin Zhi Ru Gui (槟至如归) Liu Bao Tea

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Category: Hei Cha (Black Tea)

Type: Liu Bao Cha (Six Forts Tea)

Grade: Premium wild tea

Production date: 1980s

Region: Cangwu County, Guangxi Prov. 

Packaging: 30kg Bamboo basket

About this tea: We were very excited to have the chance to obtain this aged liu bao tea as it has been very difficult to find the older tea in recent years.  Prior to its arrival here in April 2020, it has been naturally stored in Cangwu County since the 80s. We named this tea Bin Zhi Ru Gui (槟至如归) as it induces a state of nostalgia - returning home to Ipoh and drinking old tea with friends and family. This tea is produced of wild leaves and made in the old way using raw tea and aged with natural storage, now considered to have become chen cha 陈茶(old tea). The soup is rich, thick and extends a very nice betel nut aroma with woody taste.  

Available in 125g tin