2000 (1998) Aged Ye Sheng (Wild) Farmer’s Liu Bao Tea

2000 (1998) Aged Ye Sheng (Wild) Farmer’s Liu Bao Tea

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Category: Hei Cha (Black Tea)

Type: Liu Bao Cha (Six Forts Tea)

Production Date: 1998

Release Date: 2000

Material: Wild (Ye Sheng) 100+ Year old trees

Region: Liubao Town, Cangwu County, Guangxi Prov. 

Storage: 20+ years Guangxi

Profile: Deep red liquor, thick mouthfeel with aged taste and betel nut aroma. 农民茶

This tea is quite similar in grade and taste as our very popular 2002 Ye Sheng '803' basket - however, this has 4 more years of aging!  Excellent natural aged taste having undergone light fermentation and developing classic traditional liu bao characteristics with betel nut aroma.