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1990s Aged Liu Bao Tea 1kg Brick

1990s Aged Liu Bao Tea 1kg Brick

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This is a limited small factory (in Cangwu County) production of 90s tea pressed into 1kg bricks.  You can see by the photos this is made with a crude tea. With age it has developed into something very nice - a full bodied liu bao tea with nice wood taste and sweetness that lingers.  Pushing it further by boiling this tea is also a really great experience! Thick, rich and smooth.

Avalaible in 25g sample and full 1kg brick

Disclosure: This is 90s aged tea pressed into bricks more recently.  These bricks were not pressed in the 90s and then aged.  As far as we know, Liubao Tea was not pressed into this form until sometime in the 1990s and it would be rare to find such a brick from that period.  However, more recently, aged "farmer's tea" has been pressed into 250g, 400g, 500g, 1kg - 4kg bricks and sold on the market.