2021 Xiaguan Xiao Fa Tuo, 45th Anniversary, 100g

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2021 Xiaguan Xiao Fa Tuo, 45th Anniversary, 100g

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Region: Yunnan

Brand: Xiaguan Tea Factory

Type: Ripe Pu’er

Product: 2021 Xiao Fa Tuo

Size: 100g

Packaging: Cylindrical Paper Box

The 2021 "Xiao Fa Tuo" 45th Anniversary 100g Tuo tea. The raw materials of Pu'er Tuo tea are selected from Yunnan large-leaf sun-dried green tea, which is passed through Xiaguan Tuo.

After the unique fermentation process of tea, it is refined by the production technology of Xiaguan Tuo tea.
Tuo-shaped round, moderate elasticity, reddish-brown oily color, exposed buds

Tea soup: the color is reddish-brown, translucent, the aroma is rich and pure; the taste is sweet and smooth.  
Mouth feel: the soup is thick and full, the taste is harmonious and rich