2009 (2017) Yin Tai '690915' Liu Bao Tea 500g Basket

2009 (2017) Yin Tai '690915' Liu Bao Tea 500g Basket

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Category: Hei Cha

Type: Liu Bao

Region: Cang Wu County, Wuzhou, Guangxi

Production Date: June 2008

Release Date: June 8, 2018

Wuzhou Yintai Liubao Tea Company, established in 2007, is affiliated to the Cangwu County Supply and Marketing Cooperative. Its tea raw material processing is excellent and very clean, especially for the medium-term teas older than 7 years, the tea has developed very nicely.

Yintai Tea Company is located in Cangwu and belongs to the state-owned enterprise, which influences the tea’s consistency in quality, style and technology, lending to the credibility of the brand -"Cangshun Liubao Tea".  The raw materials are not blended, only pure; and in addition to cooked tea, there are farm teas, such as wild tea and old tea.