2016 (2019) Bing Lang Xiang (Betel Nut) Liu Bao Tea

2016 (2019) Bing Lang Xiang (Betel Nut) Liu Bao Tea

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Category: Hei Cha (Black Tea)

Type: Liu Bao Cha (Six Forts Tea)


Grade: 3

Production date: March 2016 after Qing Ming.

Region: Cangwu County, Guangxi Prov. 

Package date: May 2019

Packaging: 7kg Bamboo basket

Notes:This in a nice grade 3 tea.  It has a nice woody profile with betel nut aroma and smooth taste.  It is still a young liu bao and has some fermentation edge during first steeping, but smooths out with subsequent steepings.  Jinhua (Golden Flowers) may be present in this tea.  

Available in 100g pouch. 1kg will be packaged in stand up foil bag.

If you would like to purchase a full 7kg basket, please contact us.