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2010 Aged Tieluohan (Iron Arhat) Wu Yi Rock Tea / Yan Cha

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Originating from Wuyishan, Fujian Province, this cultivar is one of the Four Great Bushes (Si Da Ming Cong). This tea was harvested in spring of 2010, underwent medium oxidation and a traditional charcoal-roasting process, then allowed to age 8-years in the Wuyi Mountains. A classic Wuyi Yancha (Rock tea) that we feel gets better with age. One of our favorite teas and we were fortunate to have secured the last 5kg from this producer. 

A thick bronze liquor with classic taste and finishes sweet. 

Available in 50g pouch.

We recommend using 5-7g in a 100mL pot/gaiwan using 210F temperature water and applying 5 -10 second steepings.