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Ming Yong Le Chicken Heart Cup

Ming Yong Le Chicken Heart Cup

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Ming Yong Le Chicken Heart Cup

Capacity: 100mL

Handcrafted item of Jingdezhen by SanYu Zuo Qi


Sanyu did fifteen years of research to restore the historical flavor of Yuan and Ming for hundreds of years with the unique recipe of Su ingredients.

Chicken Heart Cup.  Sanyu called it "The natural master cup". It has always been a tea cup that tea lovers would always fall in love with .

From Yongle period more than 600 years ago to now, it has always been a bright presence at the tea table. To be precise, the original piece is called a chicken heart bowl. By SanYu changing the bowl to a cup, it has increased the practicality without reducing the feel of the pressed hand.

Each cup is presented in a beautiful gift box and accompanied by a hard bound certificate of authenticity with embossed certified seal.