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Glazed Gaiwan, Series 2, 100mL

Glazed Gaiwan, Series 2, 100mL

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Purely glazed 100mL high quality gaiwan, hand-pitched Kaolin clay teawares from Jingdezhen.

This series is a bit more costly than our series 1, due to the addition firing process for these glazes.

Gaiwan: 100ml; Height:7cm top dia:8.7cm

1. Material: Kaolin clay and thicker blowing on the surface, which
makes the density three times higher than machine-made sets,
this makes a slower heat transferring, a more comfortable
touchness and not getting hot when users hold hot tea;
2. High temperature firing: high tempareture firing, every gaiwan
and cup were placed in the gas kiln under the temperature of 1300°C -1350°C,which makes a much lower water absorption rate less
than 0.2% compared with low temperature tea sets, which makes it easier to clean tea stains and much stronger than low temperature porcelains.

Tip: to differentiate low and high temperature porcelain: you can tap one cup to another, you will find the sound very clear and melodious like a bell, while low temperature fired porcelains are dull sound;