2023 Xiao Fa Tuo 7623

2023 Xiao Fa Tuo 7623

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Brand: Xiaguan Tea Factory

Product: 2023 Xiao Fa Tuo 7623

Packaging: Tin

Each tin consists of 10 mini 10g tea cakes that are conveniently formed with a valley down the center to easily break in half for a 5 gram serving. 

Xiaguan factory started to trial Yunnan Tucha in 1975, It was shown at China Import and Export Fair in Guangzhou in 1976, then exported to France, UK, Germany and other European countries, and it gained its reputation among tea lovers for several decades.

The 7623 mini cake Xiao Fa Tuo was exported to foreign countries in 1993, now it returns to tea market again after 30 years.

Because the mini cake is small and it is convenient to carry on, It not only saved the trouble of breaking It up, but also can maintain the shape of puer tea cake and the flavor of compressed tea, so it was popular in Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia and other regions, and became a new start product in " Xiao Fa Tuo" family in 1990s.