The Cupping Room

When I first decided to hold on to the space in which the tea studio now resides, I was most excited knowing that I could use one of the old offices as a cupping room for standard tea evaluations and group focused tastings. I knew exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it set up - minimal with just an antique altar table long enough to hold 10 cupping sets under decent-enough lighting.  I was fortunate to find a good deal on a late 19th century altar table from Jick Icasiano of Gold Mountain in Nevada City and then had a local glass company make a tempered top-piece to protect it from spills.  The space is functional, well lit, and allows small groups to travel down both sides of the table to taste, analyze the liquor, and dry and wet leaf.  Of course, natural sunlight would have been ideal but this adequate for our needs at this time.  I later constructed a pigeon hole shelf to house the overflow of porcelain gaiwans and vintage clay teapots from the main room, layed out a couple antique bamboo tiered baskets, a few vintage framed prints, and a brown glazed pot with a wooden lid filled with 8kg of 2012 Tie Luo Han for an aging (hopefully not going stale) experiment.